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Bring Marketo Email Data to Life

The last thing your marketing team needs is to analyze data in a lengthy spreadsheet or Marketo report. Mogi transforms Marketo email analysis by sharing AI powered email data stories to your Marketing team - at scale! 

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Explain email data in a digestible story format.

Mogi transforms complex email analytics into clear narratives.

Instead of wading through raw numbers, users receive insightful stories that highlight key campaign takeaways. This approach ensures quick comprehension and straightforward decision-making, no matter your data expertise level.


Bring the data to life with animated visuals.

Mogi goes beyond static charts and graphs.

Our animated visuals add dynamism to data, making trends and insights not only more engaging but also easier to understand. This lively representation ensures that your data doesn't just inform, but also captivates and motivates action.

Evaluate business performance against goals and expectations.

With Mogi, you're not just analyzing data - you're measuring success. 

By comparing actual performance to set benchmarks, you can clearly see where you're excelling and where there's room for improvement. This feature helps ensure that your strategies are aligned with your objectives and facilitates proactive adjustments for optimized outcomes.

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Offer actionable business insights and recommendations.

Mogi doesn't just present data; it translates it into clear, actionable steps.

Our platform pinpoints areas of opportunity and provides concrete recommendations, ensuring that you're not only informed but also equipped to act, optimizing your strategies for better results.

Without Mogi

With Mogi


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Turning data into action for the following customers

“The visualization and storytelling that Mogi does with our data and GPT allows us to communicate complex and technical data to non-technical stakeholders without spending hours refining the data into easy to digest insights "

George Samaras

Director, Marketing Operations and Technology at Coveo

Start sending email data stories today!

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