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Mogi automates marketing data analysis, so you can turn data into action faster.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration


Turn Your Data Into Action

Data stories are an essential tool for marketing teams to understand and communicate insights from data analysis. They help teams convey the value and relevance of their data, and can inform marketing strategies and drive business objectives.

By using visualization, storytelling, and clear communication, data stories help teams make the most of their data and drive successful marketing campaigns.

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Proactively prevent 'never-ending' data requests

By empowering your team with immediate insights and context, you save time from those never-ending data requests that often, do not result in any actions taken. Your team can get to the 'why' faster and prioritize the interpretation of the data - driving improvements throughout your organization in real-time. 

Get to what matters most in seconds

Identify the bottom line quickly and easily. With your data delivered as a story, your data insights are put into context so you can focus on what matters most - Driving better business decisions!


Communicate with Context 

Dashboards don't explain why something is happening. In fact, often they lead to analysis paralysis. Communicating with context is key if you want people to make the right decisions with data. Your team will adopt using these insights when they are communicated in a way that they understand - Stories. 

What we offer

What We Offer

Mogi is a subscription service that simplifies data analysis by automating the process and delivering insights and recommendations to your team.

Data As Stories

Mogi is a unique tool that goes beyond traditional dashboards to deliver Data Stories – clear and concise summaries of data analysis findings presented in an easy-to-understand format. These Data Stories provide the same insights and recommendations you would expect from a skilled data analyst who has thoroughly reviewed your data.

Automated Analysis

Mogi uses advanced data analysis to identify marketing campaigns that are performing well and those that may require additional attention or optimization. By analyzing and explaining your marketing data, Mogi helps you make informed decisions about which campaigns to focus on and how to improve their performance.

Data Integration

To make data analysis even easier, Mogi is directly integrated with popular marketing data sources like Marketo and Salesforce. We are also actively working on adding more integrations to provide you with even more options for analyzing your marketing data.

Technology + Services

In addition to the automated Data Stories that Mogi offers, we also provide custom services for customers who require more personalized or in-depth data analysis. Our team is here to provide customized analysis and insights based on your unique requirements.

“Mogi is our key efficiency at Coveo. With its insights, we're breaking through analysis paralysis and empowering our teams to refine email metrics. It's our chosen solution for data-driven decisions. "

George Samaras

Director, Marketing Operations and Technology at Coveo

Data Analysis Shouldn't Be This Hard – Let Mogi Help!

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